Distinctive Domains

Areas that interest Hero Electronix

Semiconductor Engineering

Major semiconductor companies spend over USD 350 billion in R&D every year. Our belief is that Indian companies and talent will be a key driver of the semiconductor innovation in the future. Already, over 50,000 engineers are working in India across all the aspects of bringing a chip from an idea to the market. We are actively participating in this space and are moving towards building the world’s leading end-to-end semiconductor engineering services firm.


Every product is becoming smarter as connectivity and low power sensors become ubiquitous. This is happening across all industries and product engineering firms are making this transition happen by bringing together a unique mix of hardware design, embedded software and UX/UI skills.

We have teams across our businesses that build both products for our businesses as well as serve leading OEMs around the globe across sectors such as aerospace, transportation and automobile, helping them develop class-defining products.

Electronics Manufacturing

India continues to become a hub of electronics manufacturing driven by several key initiatives and incentives by the government such as Digital India, Make in India, Modified Special Incentive Package Scheme (M-ISPS), Electronic manufacturing cluster (EMC) initiative, etc. The domestic production of electronics has shot past imports for the first time in 2016-17.

Hero has always been a champion of “Make in India”, and we continue to look at opportunities and/or partners to build something scalable using Indian talent.


Connected Home is transitioning from luxury to need of the hour. With voice becoming the centre of the home, AI and analytics-driven smart home solutions are helping people do tedious routines, provide with control of the home at a distance and ultimately create better comfort. We aim at enriching lives around us by providing IoT based home automation solutions that can help consumers stay connected with their loved ones, keep them safe and let the tech do the mundane household work for them.

Hero Electronix wants to be the leader in this space and is all set to launch home automation products in 2018.

Enterprise IoT

At an enterprise level, optimization of service operations and improving visibility into operations are two key focus areas. Over the years IoT (connected devices) has proven to be the answer, providing enterprises with savings and more visibility of their businesses.

We aspire to build broad-based IoT business providing solutions with wide range of applications across verticals. Currently, our team at Zenatix, have solutions for the Retail and BFSI customers and is planning to expand into government, hospitality and logistics verticals.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly finding real-world applications across healthcare, energy, automotive, etc. AI is still in its nascent stage and in the near future, its full potential will be at our disposal. We are looking to solve real-world problems through applied AI and for this exciting journey, we have partnered with Pi Ventures to fuel innovations for a better future!

“Can Artificial Intelligence improve cancer diagnosis? Yes! That's the belief of companies like Niramai that are building AI powered diagnostic platform for non-invasive, accurate and early diagnosis.”

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With connected car no more a theory and autonomous driving just around the corner, we believe that technology plays a huge role in the automotive industry. We at Hero Electronix believe that solutions across domains such as HMI, connected platforms, OBD, etc. have a huge opportunity. For over 30 years, Hero group has been serving the Indian market with their mobility solutions. Riding on this immense experience, we intend to build solutions for the smart commuters of the future.


Just like any other industry, technology is also disrupting media and entertainment industry. OTT and other open platforms powered by Android are playing a key role in changing the viewing pattern and preferences. SmartTV with voice assistance and bundled offerings is gaining prominence in India and the market is expected to follow this trend going forward. We are the front runner in this change and through our team at MyBox, which is a leading STB manufacturer and a Google certified Android O Licensee, we are all set to launch our Android box in India.